Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Unnamed Gallery
4655 Metropolitan Avenue
$10 before 11, $15 after

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Funneled Smoke is a Brooklyn based curatorial programming collective which attempts to integrate visual arts, experimental music, sound art, and rave culture. We create immersive video and sculptural environments in which a carefully selected lineup of performers are invited to present their work. Funneled Smoke’s intention is to provide an opportunity for culturally relevant artists in a variety of different fields to cross pollinate in an unexpected and fully realized context.

We are pleased to present our third installment of Funneled Smoke at the Unnamed Gallery. This event features some of our most highly regarded local artists collaborating to produce an amazing evening of audio and visual arts content.

Featuring performances by:

Katie Rex with video by John Rohrer
False Witness with video by Night Shift Nurse
Serpent In a Straight Line with video by Night Shift Nurse
Sophie Lam & Hellyn Teng (Live) with video by Night Shift Nurse
Richard Kammerman (Live) with video by Miles Phlanx
Degenerate Content (Live)
Against Nature
System Preferences

Art installations by James Moore, Stella Diming Zhong and RIZ

Katie Rex is the founder and curator of Bound, pounding industrial leaning techno from one of our local favorites. Inspired by the classic sounds of Detroit & Chicago as well as the hammering influence of EBM and invigorating sounds of dance music’s contemporaries, she curates a unique blend of dark acid bass lines with club inspired drum patterns into harsh industrial.

False Witness is an audio visual identity designed by sound artist and producer, Marco Gomez. The False Witness project explores electronic music through a provocative queer lens, revolving around themes that speak to the urban experience, states of trauma or heightened states of consciousness. This will be one of Marco’s final performances as NYC resident before moving to LA so catch him while you can.

Serpent In A Straight Line is the live performance project from Brooklyn based producer George De Moura. The project integrates experimental sample manipulation, dense atmospheric soundscapes, rolling bass lines, and futuristic synthesizer sounds to create a contemporary form of industrial leaning cyber techno.

The Less Effectives is the industrial electronics duo featuring Hellyn Teng and Sophie Lam. Together they form a intense and raw live performance project that draws from multiple decades of industrial, presented through a contemporary lens.

Richard Kamerman has been breaking electronics and crashing computers while trying to coax interesting and unpredictable sounds out of them for over a decade. He is one half of the noise duo “New York Review of Cocksucking”, and a founding member of the Queer Trash Curatorial Program which is currently in residence at ISSUE Project Room.

Degenerate Content is the modular synth project of Jacob Schuerger, who integrates experimental beats and arpeggios to create dense and disjointed soundscapes.

Against Nature is the DJ project of Daniel Meagher who draws from a deep and diverse selection of cerebral and hard hitting techno. Former curator of the Industry Machines and Against Nature parties, Meagher has been practicing his craft for over ten years and is one NY’s best kept secrets.

Night Shift Nurse is the live modular hardware video project of Chinese artist Yiyang Cao. Through videos, participatory sculptural environments and live performances, Yiyang’s work investigates the rhetorics of time in new media; exploring the cross-pollination between out-of-screen and in-screen time, she attempts to provoke dimensional thought on perception and our collective state of being.

With a penchant for primordial imagery and Scandinavian black metal, James Moore creates art that distorts the human figure as a way to evoke the thrill of fear, violence, and darker sides of human nature. He will be creating a sculptural installation featuring cast cement pieces within a plexiglass glass enclosure.

John Rohrer is a photographer and installation artist living and working in New York CIty. His work deals with sensory experience, abstraction and perception.

RIZ works with transparent materials and lights to simulate sublimation with definite every day materials. Fascinated by intangible and paradoxical entities, RIZ explores the seemingly senseless engagement with your senses. Each experience inspired by changes in states of matter, illusion, and the idea of impermanence.

Stella Diming Zhong’s time-based practice spans activated objects, recorded actions and architectural spaces. Born in Shenzhen, China(1993), Zhong has lived in Beijing, China; Canterbury, UK; Rhode Island, US, and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Miles Phlanx is a video and multi-media installation artist who pulls inspiration form the films of Andy Warhol and a variety of art house filmmakers. He will presenting his 3 channel video “New Years Day” and providing visuals for 2 other live performances.